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Zo laat je een goede eerste indruk achter

Berry Zwets
Of het nou tijdens een verkoop- of sollicitatiegesprek is, er zijn altijd methodes om een goede eerste indruk achter te laten. Van essentieel belang als je verder wilt komen in je carrière. Dit zijn de tien tips die je daarbij helpen.

De volgende adviezen, die zakenblad Inc. verzamelde, zijn afkomstig van verschillende CEO’s en managers.

10 tips voor een betere eerste indruk

ASTRSK PR-CEO Elliot Tomaeno: 'Rather than attempting to make a good first impression, think about how you can make a human connection.'

Willow-CEO Michael Bruch: 'Straight shooters who call it like they see it, and who can speak candidly and substantively about relevant topics of discussion always leave me with a strong first impression.'

Mobvoi-CEO Zhifei Li: 'I like interviewing candidates that shine... by showing who they actually are and how they can be asset to your team. I like people who are sincere and who [are] genuinely curious towards the world.'

Afora-CEO Jeffrey Rappaport: 'Whether you're a top executive at a company running the show or an intern just trying to make it, enthusiasm can leave a lasting impression.'

Segway Robotics-manager Sarah Zhang: 'Understand what people's stereotype is for someone of your background. And try to beat their expectation when you first meet.'

Industrious-CEO Jamie Hodari: 'Take a page from the world of dating: the best impressions are made when you stop talking about yourself so you can focus on them.'

Netatmo-CEO Fred Potter: 'Even for business meetings, people forget how a smile can be impactful.'

Vertigo-CEO Greg Leekley: 'Actually care about the other person and identify with them and their culture, rather than trying to get them to identify with you.'

Xooloo-CEO Grégory Veret: 'Always be yourself.'

Weebly-manager Dan Veltri: 'I've found that the key to a lasting first impression is to discuss a topic that both you and the person care about, ask insightful questions to better understand their point of view, and then provide a new perspective on their thinking based on your own experiences.'

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