Helpt hun strategie je aan jouw doorbraak?

Zo domineer je jouw markt volgens succesvolle zakenmannen

Berry Zwets
De markt is afhankelijk van waar je je op richt al dan niet vol. Het voelt alsof jij dat ene unieke product te pakken hebt, maar een doorbraak wil niet echt lukken. Wellicht dat een andere strategie toch de oplossing is.

Zakelijk platform Entrepreneur vroeg verschillende leiders binnen de industrie, succesvolle entrepreneurs en investeerders die vaker een plan vanaf de grond af opbouwden. Volgens hen moet je het volgende doen.

Boris Mordkovich

'Success in entering new markets and taking over comes when you spend heavily in getting to know your product’s target audience, and aggressively serving them your products based on the customer information you have on them. Not everyone is your target customer. Previously, we were heavily targeting the 20s and 30s for our electric bikes. But fortunately, due to our heavy investment in knowing our target audience and how to serve them, we accidentally discovered that our main customers were on the older side: 50 or 60, baby boomers, recent retirees, and that singlehandedly helped us build on the market', aldus de oprichtervan het elekrtische fiets bedrijf Evelo Boris Mordkovich.

Jack Vogt

'If we don’t have a concrete and astounding entry strategy into the new market, my team and I will put a hold on the launch. Your entry will become your culture. It’s the way you enter that spells how your audience will see and perceive you. And this is hard to change. Any mistake from your brand during that fragile brand build-up stage can thwart your business progress in that new market', aldus Credit Zipper-CEO Jack Vogt.

Rebecca Montrenes

'Partnerships are pretty awesome. We regularly partner with brands in new territories to reach far more than our capacity can reach as a company. Partnerships help us get deeper market penetrations which end up with the two companies making a profit as a result', aldus Lanyards USA-CEO Rebecca Montrenes.

James Bradly

'We take over new markets by making sure we stretch ourselves to beat everyone in that market on products coverage or services coverage. I have found out that when a company becomes that big, they automatically become the face of the new market. And this position helps your brand pick up the signals of new markets and new trends within the main market before others discover them. That way, your brand is always investing before others and buying out promising competitors before they even become real traits', aldus James Bradly van DeaIslands.

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